Roland DG Announces First Direct-To-Garment Printer for On-Demand Personalisation

Roland DG Corporation announced the launch of the VersaSTUDIO BT-12 desktop direct-to-garment printer for printing directly on cotton-based products. Built for on-demand personalisation, the BT-12 is ideal for businesses looking for new revenue opportunities by offering an engaging in-store experience for their customers.

According to Etsuo Harada, Division President of COTO Business Division for Roland DG, since the introduction of VersaCAMM SP-300 in 2003, Roland DG inkjet printers have increasingly been used in the production of custom apparel and fabric goods. “More recently,” Harada said, “in-store personalisation services for printing customer designs have grown rapidly. To meet this demand, the COTO Business Division developed the new DTG printer.”

The BT-12 is an easy-to-use A4 size printer that allows printing directly on cotton* substrates. You can print full colour graphics including photos, logos and text on a variety of products, such as t-shirts, tote bags and interior decoration items. Its compact size and affordable pricing allow businesses to offer personalisation services with a low initial investment and in locations where space is limited, including shopping malls, kiosks, apparel stores, hotel gift shops and tourist destinations, or even at events.
* Fabric must be 50~100% cotton.

When combined with cotodesign, an optional design and print management software that can be purchased separately, the BT-12 can become a complete design, order and print management solution to open new business opportunities and increase foot traffic at retail locations. cotodesign also supports* additional Roland DG devices, allowing businesses to use it for a wide variety of applications and events.
* cotodesign supports VersaSTUDIO BN-20, VersaUV LEF Series and LD-80 Laser Foil Decorator. 

Harada said that the BT-12 is affordably priced, allowing businesses to explore new opportunities with very low initial investment. Capable of producing a product from start to finish in as little as 10 minutes, the BT-12 is designed for ultimate ease of use and can be operated by virtually anyone with minimal training. Cassettes are used for holding the items for printing and finishing, ensuring the safety of operators and customers.

With dimensions of 399mm (W) x 760mm (D), the printer unit requires very little space. The optional finishing equipment has been designed to be stacked with the printer unit. This dramatically reduces the installation space that is typically required for a traditional direct-to-garment printer and finishing unit combination so that businesses can install the BT-12 in small spaces at retail locations and event venues.

The BT-12 is bundled with easy-to-use Roland Design Software. With an intuitive user interface, anyone can create unique designs with minimal training. In addition to the BT-12, the optional cotodesign software also supports the VersaSTUDIO BN-20 Printer Cutter, the VersaUV LEF-300 & LEF-200 Printers, that are widely popular for the production of promotional and one-off personalised products, and the LD-80 Laser Foil Decorator. These solutions not only help to add value to merchandise, but also provide customers with a rewarding new shopping experience, that can help build store traffic as well as become a popular topic of conversation on social media.

“Consumer behaviour has been shifting from consumption to experience due to the diversification of consumer values,” Harada said. “As a result, businesses have an opportunity to offer high-value merchandise such as personalised products to meet customer needs and desires.”

“Our goal,” Harada continued, “is to provide our users with tools that help deliver a unique experience and quality time for their customers and to transform their imagination into reality.”

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