TrueVIS VG Series Printer/Cutters Awarded Top Choice by Buyers Lab for Image Quality and Productivity

Key Test Results


Highest image quality score on skin tones target judged on a blind test basis by BLI Experts


Largest color gamut


Precise out-of-box Pantone color matching


Most productive high-speed setting delivered neutral grays, bright colors with good shadow details and smooth skin tones


Exceptional dimensional stability for highly accurate multi-panel printing

Accepting the awards for Roland DG was Kohei Tanabe, President, Digital Printing Business Division. “We are honored that BLI has recognized the print quality and productivity of our VG printer/cutters which are engineered to deliver versatility, precision and power,” said Tanabe. “The ‘VIS’ in TrueVIS is Latin for ‘Vision,’ which is very appropriate when you consider how these advanced machines allow users to bring their visions to life, giving them a true competitive business advantage.”

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