Small printer with great potential

The VersaSTUDIO BN-20 is a compact and user-friendly device, in which you can load media of a maximum width of 51cm. In return for this small investment, you can have a wide range of applications for both indoor and outdoor use. A few examples are signage, stickers, labels, transfers for apparel, POP displays, window stickers, posters and many more.

Eco-solvent or water-based ink

You can choose between the highly acclaimed ECO-SOL MAX ink and the water-based FPG ink of Roland DG. ECO-SOL MAX is perfectly suited for indoor as well as outdoor applications. You can either use the BN-20 only with standard colours (CMYK), or with standard colours combined with metallic silver or white. The water-based ink, in turn, is ideal for indoor applications. This ink is available in four colours (CMYK).

Printing software included

The software that runs your printer is included. VersaWorks updates can also be downloaded free of cost.

Printing and cutting in one

The BN-20 printer has a cutting blade. This automatically cuts your prints. You can also use the BN-20 as a cutting plotter. Printing first is not required.

Create your own designs

We provide you the R-Works design software free of cost. With this software, you can very easily create designs that you can print and cut with the BN-20. You can create your own designs with text and images, or you may simply import photos. You can therefore create original designs very quickly.

Technical Specifications


*1 The length of printing or cutting is subject to the limitations of the program.

*2 Using Roland specified media, loaded correctly, temperature: 25°C, humidity: 50 %RH, all pinch rollers are used, 25 mm or more for both right and left margins and 35 mm or more front margin, excluding expansion or contraction of the media, and all correction and adjustment functions of this machine have been made properly.

*3 Using Roland specified media, print travel of 1m.

*4 Using Roland specified media, cut travel of 1m.

*5 Range for assured repetition accuracy: Length 1,000 mm

*6 Provided that media length is under 1,000 mm. Excluding possible shift caused by expansion/contraction of the media and/or by reloading the media.

*7 Using Roland specified media, data size: 1,000 mm in the media-feed direction, 480 mm in the carriage-movement direction. No lamination. Automatic detection of crop marks at 4 points when media is reloaded. Excludes the effects of skewed movement and of expansion and contraction of the media.

*8 Warm-up is required after power up. This may require 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the operating environment. The preset temperature may fail to be reached 35°C depending on the ambient temperature and media width.





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Heat transfers


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