Packaging proofing

Make the prototype, make the pitch and you will make the sale

Eye catching packaging is what makes one product stand out from all the others on the shelves in the supermarket, cosmetic store and everywhere else. It is the visual identity that makes an impact and choosing just the right design is key to many producers. Packaging companies have long been pitching sales without a realistic visual sample for the customer to touch and turn to visualize a new product on the shelves. Thanks to Roland’s inkjet technology, packaging companies can bring the proofing process in-house and make their pitch showing a realistic proof with great colours and stunning effects.

Creating proofs on the right media

With Roland’s VersaUV series of LED-UV printer/cutters, you get an affordable solution that enables you to take charge of the entire design and sales process of new packaging. You can create packaging proofs and prototypes on the exact media the customer is requesting, making the proof as true to the final product as possible. The LED-UV technology allows you to print on shrink-wrap film, self-adhesive PVC, paper, synthetic and natural leather, mesh, BOPP, PE, PET and many other materials.

Thanks to Roland’s superior UV technology you can create stunning packaging proofs and small runs with glossy effects and textures that really make the packaging design stand out.  

Metallic and white

Our best-selling eco-solvent printers from the VersaCAMM VS-i series are also great solutions for packaging proofs, prototypes and labels. They allow you to make a lasting impression with white and hundreds of metallic shades, including gold, silver, bronze and pearlescent colours.

Printing and cutting in one go

With the Roland printer/cutters you get a solution that not only prints vivid colours and stunning effects, it will also contour and perforate cut (cut through and through) the samples or labels, saving you valuable time and making the process of creating proofs and prototypes easier than you’ve ever imagined.

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