Heat transfers

Customizing apparel is a profitable business

There is a great demand for promotional textiles, sportswear and uniforms carrying a logo, photo, design or text. Sometimes there are large orders, but often the order is only for a few pieces. Roland’s digital printers and cutters help you quickly meet demands for large as well as small quantities. There are no setup costs, and therefore even the smallest orders are profitable.

Create colourful transfers with your digital printer

Your printer (and its integrated cutting function) can create highly impressive and striking transfers. There are no limitations to the number of colours that the design contains. Full colour is available at the same price as a limited number of colours.

You can print the colourful design on a material suitable for heat transfer, and cut it out immediately. Then you use a heat press to transfer the print on fabric. You can therefore easily create customized T-shirts, caps, sports bags, jackets, and more.

Your cutter delivers quickly and cheaply

You can also use a cutter to make beautiful textile transfers. You can easily cut out text, numbers and logos. Choose a transfer material in an appropriate colour and cut it out. Once again, you use a heat press to transfer the cut material on textiles. 

This way, you can quickly number sports equipment and affix the sponsor’s logo, or personalise employee work clothes with their name and the company logo. You can also use your cutter to personalise promotional material of non-profit organisations, clubs and associations at a low cost.  

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