Doming, for original gadgets and labels

Doming is a technique in which a clear resin is sprayed on a print. This produces a beautiful three-dimensional effect. The technique is used for a variety of applications, such as key chains, stickers and nameplates. Doming can even be done on textiles as well.

Sustainable gadgets

After the liquid is cured by UV light, the stickers become more resistant to light, heat, water and scratches. This gives them a much longer shelf life than regular stickers. Moreover, they also look very valuable.

As niche products, doming stickers are used in a variety of sectors: from furniture and computers, to the automotive sector. The stickers are also often used as gadgets, for example, incorporated into a keychain.

Make stickers with printers/cutters

Roland printers with cutting feature are ideal for making stickers. Since the stickers are cut immediately after printing, you can immediately start applying the resin layer, which is the next step.

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