VersaUV LEF series 4


  • Personalise objects quickly and economically

    Use the VersaUV LEF to print text, photos, logos or other designs directly on objects of up to 10cm thickness. These include gadgets, gift items, prototypes, industrial components and electronic devices. The LEF quickly converts everyday objects into unique, personalised gadgets – at an attractive price. The LEF can print on an infinite variety of materials. For example, PET, ABS, polycarbonate, TPU, leather, and textiles.

  • ECO-UV ink

    The ECO-UV ink offers high density printing in a wide variety of colours. The ink dries instantly and its flexibility prevents it from breaking up when the material is bent or stretched. ECO-UV is available in cartridges of 220 ml and is available in CMYK + white + gloss. Roland DG recommends the use of an air filter system with these inks.

  • Special colours

    The LEF series uses CMYK, white and clear ink. The white ink produces excellent results on coloured as well as transparent objects. The ink can also be used as an opaque base coat, to bring out the other colours more sharply. The clear ink can create special matt, glossy and relief effects. For example, you can have Braille and embossed geometric patterns that you can actually feel. The integrated LED lamp dries the ink immediately. You can therefore start using or further processing the printed objects immediately. You can also print on heat-sensitive materials and objacts without any problem.

  • RotaPrint

  • Simple and energy-efficient

    The LEF is easy to use and requires no heating or cooling between print jobs. The integrated LED lamp has a very long life and low energy consumption. The LEF also has a UV protection cover and a screen to prevent dust from falling on the object during printing. An air filter system for the device may also be connected. This can also be used as a table on which to place the printer.

  • Entry-level and production models

    The VersaUV LEF series is available in two models. The LEF-12 is an entry-level model, available at a very attractive price. The LEF-20 is our production model. This is bigger and faster than the LEF-12. The LEF-20 has a print area of 508 by 330 mm. That is about twice as large as the entry-level model. The new movable LED lamp also ensures higher productivity. The print speeds for CMYK, white and clear inks are significantly higher. You can also enter presets for up to 20 materials or objects in the software. You can therefore quickly select the appropriate settings for your favourite items.

  • Roland VersaWorks

    These devices come with VersaWorks, a powerful and user-friendly RIP software specially designed for Roland inkjet technology. The software allows you to use your device optimally. VersaWorks updates can also be downloaded free of cost.

  • Rotary axis for VersaUV LEF

    The RotaPrint RPA is a custom designed attachment for the Roland LEF range of printers. It is specifically designed to fit easily and effortlessly on the printer via a series of magnet that attach to the chassis of the machine.

    The RotaPrint does not have any motors or electrical connections and is self-powered by the LEF motion itself, ensuring perfect, banding free printing every time.

    The RotaPrint is dual ended meaning that you can print material up to 77mm wide and as narrow as 40 mm wide giving the end-user a diverse range of spherical products that can be easily and effortlessly printed. 



Technical Specifications


* Temperature: 25°C , humidity: 50%





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