Car stickers

“Pimp your ride” with stickers or a full car wrap

Today, advertising agencies and companies are extensively using vehicles for advertising campaigns and branding. You can find advertisements on cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, boats, buses, trams and trains. The vehicles carry a sticker or are completely wrapped in a print.

Create full colour stickers and wraps

Quickly create flashy wraps and cool stickers with Roland DG combined printers/cutters. After printing the full colour design, the device will automatically cut the contours. This delivers absolutely stunning results. Roland DG recommends its eco-solvent inks for this application. However, UV inks are also suitable for this purpose. The great advantage of the special ECO-UV S ink is that it can be stretched up to 220%.

Cutting stickers in one colour

Our cutters offer a wide variety of options to decorate or brand vehicles in a particular style. Use these devices to quickly and easily cut out stickers and foils in all possible shapes. The machines cut for example, vehicle letterings, safety signage and bumper protection films.

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