Roland DG supports all decisions taken, to postpone major trade fairs in order to better protect the safety of all those participating.

Equally important, we recognise the challenges many of you are currently facing. The future may feel uncertain, and in many cases business has slowed down.

Business can be nurtured in different ways. It's important to always look forward and decide how we can improve our professional lives and embrace the future once these difficult periods have passed.

In these unprecedented and unpredictable times, we need to stay together as partners and support one other. So, as Roland DG, we have a clear message. 


Get Updated

We don’t want you to miss any helpful information about what could improve your business or your activity so we are continuously providing content and information to keep your business on track through our digital channels. We are delivering several video webinars and information also through our social platforms. Keep in touch by subscribing to the following channels and get the news automatically onto your feed.

How are we here?

We have reorganised our activities to align to your current needs for example; maintenance of your products, materials and consumables, technical support and consultancy. In this challenging trading environment all of us are working under constraints, but we want you to know that we are fully available to support your business.


Staying connected, wherever you are. Our team of experts are all ready to engage with you either directly or via our many social platforms. Receive the right information and support no matter what.


Inspiring and educating, delivering a fresh extensive range of webinars, online tutorials and digital content.


Continuing to invigorate the world of digital print with future business initiatives and the announcement of new exciting upcoming products.

Any questions?