VersaUV LEF2-300D, LEF2-300, LEF2-200 Flatbed Printer

Your customers want something unique. Give them something extraordinary with the VersaUV LEF2 series: the latest generation of Roland’s award-winning benchtop UV printers. Simple to operate and packed with potential, the LEF2 series enables direct printing onto a huge range of materials and objects up to 200mm thick – producing stunning colour, realistic textures and stylish embossed effects

Choose LEF2-200 (508mm w x 330mm l x 100mm t) for versatile product personalisation.

Choose LEF2-300 (770mm w x 330mm ll x 100mm t) for higher-volume customisation.

Choose LEF2-300D ((770mm w x 330mm l 200mm t) for printing on taller objects.

Fast, on-demand printing on one or many items 

The Roland VersaUV LEF2 series really pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with print, adding value to off-the-shelf items by transforming them into unique, personalised pieces. Customise small and medium-sized items on demand by adding corporate branding and cool graphics - from a single object to longer production runs.

Personalise a huge range of profitable items such power banks, smartphone cases, laptop covers, promotional items, prototypes, souvenirs, pens, signs, personalised awards, giftware, cards and so much more.

With a height tolerance of 2mm you can even print onto curved and irregular shapes, and an optional rotary axis jig enables printing onto bottles and other cylindrical objects.

Print objects up to 200 mm  

With the LEF2-300/200, materials up to 100 mm (3.94 in.) thick can be loaded, and a height tolerance of 2 mm facilitates printing on irregular and curved objects. Furthermore, the LEF2-300D supports a maximum thickness of 200 mm (7.87 in.) in the height direction, allowing you to print not only on thicker materials, but also on a wider variety of shapes by incorporating a more diverse assortment of jigs.
The VersaUV series also supports an optional rotary axis jig for printing onto bottles and other cylindrical objects.

Print directly onto a wide range of media  

VersaUV LEF2 series technology makes it easy and efficient to print stunning, premium-quality photographs, graphics and finely-detailed text onto almost anything. Instantly curable Roland ECO-UV inks – including white and gloss options- are compatible with a jaw-dropping range of hard and soft materials, such as PVC and plastics, acrylic, canvas, wood, leather, aluminium, metals, glass and fabric1. Media up to 100 mm (LEF2-200 and LEF2-300) and up to 200 mm (LEF2-300D) thick can be loaded, and a vacuum table holds thin and tricky-to-handle media firmly in place2.

Feel the Colour with Gloss ECO-UV Ink  

Print gloss or matt finishes, realistic textures, or 3D embossed effects to add an irresistible new dimension of “touch and colour”. Create your own special finishes or choose from 72 ready-to-use texture patterns in our Roland Texture System Library.

Offer Unique Custom Items with ECO-UV ink  

Roland ECO-UV ink in CMYK, white and gloss dries instantly for a wide colour gamut with sharp details and vibrant colour density. ECO-UV requires no degassing and stretches around curves and irregular surfaces without cracking.

  • Create colours that pop on dark, coloured or clear substrates by printing a base layer of Roland’s UV white ink.
  • Optional on-board primer3 preps objects quickly and conveniently.
  • Automated Ink Circulation System lowers running costs and prevents ink pigments from settling in the ink lines for even consistency.
  • Mist filters catch surplus ink that mists off the edges of media to avoid overspray and stop ink from falling on internal components.

A Choice of Productivity and Printing Areas 

The LEF2 lineup offers you a choice of three models with different print areas and printing speeds so you can match your work volume and the size of the material and objects you want to print.

Powerful VersaWorks 6 RIP Software Included 

With powerful new 64-bit processing and RIP capabilities, plus cropping, tiling, nesting and other tools, the world’s most powerful RIP software, VersaWorks 6, makes production even simpler and maximises the capabilities of your print device.

A Harlequin RIP dual-core engine with support for PDF 2.0 and native 64-bit processing provides accurate rendering of PDFs with shadows and transparencies.

Icon-based interface with drag-and-drop functionality facilitates ease of use.

Supports data rotation and a partial print function that maintains position information.

Special Color Plate Generation allows you to auto-generate White, Gloss and Primer layers, directly in the RIP.

Spot embossing function speeds up printing of 3D embossed effects (supported only for the CMYKGlGlWh ink configuration on the LEF2-300).

Color-Matching Function allows easy colour matching for same printer models and ink types. Consistent colour matching is possible even when sharing print jobs with multiple printer units4.

Advanced RIP features include new print queue options, up to 40 job presets, UV post cure within the RIP and new 16-pass print mode (standard 720x720 dpi).

UV customisation with more ease and efficiency  

The VersaUV LEF2 series is fully loaded with advanced features to simplify operation and make printing even faster. Completely enclosed when printing, it runs clean, cool with energy-efficient UV-LED lamps and low maintenance head technology. The LEF2 offers many new functions to streamline your print process.

Multiple Print function

Perform continuous printing efficiently. With the Multiple Print function, you can perform the next print just by pressing the start button on the machine, without returning to the software.

Roland DG Printer Status Monitor

Instantly check the operation status of multiple printers on a monitor. Manage your printing operation remotely, allowing you to set up your next production process without wasting time.

Start Timer function

Set a designated time to automatically complete the set-up procedures of printhead cleaning and white ink circulation, so it's ready for you to load materials and get printing straightaway.

Long Lasting UV Lamps   

The LEF2 series uses LED lamps for UV curing that last up to ten times longer than conventional UV lamps and can be instantly switched on or off, for true on-demand production without the typical warm-up time.

In addition, the LEF2 automatically enters a low-power mode when not in use for an extended period.

High Reliability and Safety

Remove any ink remaining on your printheads with the Head Refresher feature which cleans the printhead surface to maintain machine health and ink cost-efficiency.
Minimise downtime in the unlikely event of a printhead clogging - the new Nozzle Mask function allows you to continue printing while using half of the printhead.
The airtight cover protects operators from UV light and prevents dust from settling onto the surface of materials while printing.

Productivity features

Automatic Media Height system

The Automatic Media Height setting detects the height of the material quickly, while optimised printing table movements eliminate the move-down operation of the table when opening the cover and allow continuous operation when printing multiple items consecutively.

LED Alignment system

The built-in LED alignment system sets the origin point when printing on different media – use it as a two-point reference to detect flat substrates or as a centre origin point of reference on curved or odd-shaped items. It’s a handy feature to speed up your print job.


Positioning jig

The LEF2 is great for printing directly onto unusually shaped items and the special positioning jig helps you align them easily on the print table.

 Roland Intelligent Pass Control

Controls dot placement between each pass for faster throughput and excellent image quality in all print modes.

Intelligent test printing

Save time and materials by altering the test print position – test print on the same material multiple times.

Ethernet connection

Print from anywhere – the built-in Ethernet connection allows you to connect your LEF2 to your existing network.

Plug and Print

LEF2 series UV printers simply plug in to a standard electrical outlet. Using a fraction of the power that other flatbed printers demand, an LEF2 offers significant savings on electrical costs per year.

Vacuum table
Ideal for efficiently and accurately securing thin materials and delicate media, the LEF2-300 and LEF2-300D2 features a built-in vacuum table for stable printing and high-quality results. An optional vacuum table is also available for the LEF2-200.

Print on cylindrical surfaces

The optional SC-RD rotary axis can be added to a VersaUV LEF2 (LEF2-200 and LEF2-300) in just minutes, allowing you to print directly to the entire surface of cylindrical objects, up to 360º

Compatible with cotodesign software 

When combined with cotodesign, Roland’s latest design and print management software, the LEF2 series becomes a complete design-order-print solution for the in-store customisation of gift items and apparel using customers’ data, such as photos or artwork, from their smartphone. cotodesign also supports additional Roland DG devices5, allowing businesses to use it for a wide variety of applications and events.

1 Ink adhesion results may vary depending on the substrate and printing conditions. For best results, test print before final production.
2 Built-in vacuum table with the LEF2-300. Optional vacuum table available for the LEF2-200.
3 For best primer results, it is strongly recommended that users test for adhesion on specific substrates before final production.
4 Valid only when using the same model printers with the same ink type and configuration. Files must be printed with the same print settings including “Media Type” and “Print Quality.”
5 cotodesign is compatible with VersaUV LEF range, VersaSTUDIO BT-12/BN-20, GS-24, METAZA MPX-95 and LD-80.

Model LEF2-300D  LEF2-300 LEF2-200
Printing method Piezo ink-jet method
Media Width Max. 800 mm (31.5 in.) Max. 538 mm (21.2 in.)
Length Max. 360 mm (14.2 in.) Max. 360 mm (14.2 in.)
Thickness Max. 200 mm (7.87 in.)1 Max. 100 mm (3.94 in.) Max. 100 mm (3.94 in.)
Weight Max. 8 kg (18 lb.) (When using a spacer table: Max. 2 kg (4.4 lb.))  Max. 8 kg (18 lb.) Max. 5 kg (11 lb.)
Printing width / length Max. 770 (w) × 330 (l) mm (30.3 × 13 in.) Max. 508 (w) × 330 (l) mm (20 × 13 in.)
Ink Type ECO-UV (EUV2/EUV4) 220 cc cartridge, ECO-UV (EUV4) 500 cc cartridge (White ink is not available in 500 cc cartridges.) ECO-UV (EUV-PR, EUV4, EUV2) 220 cc cartridge
Colours Six colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Gloss × 2)
Six colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Gloss) and Primer
Five colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White x 2)
Five colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White) and Primer
Six colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Gloss)
Ink-curing unit Built-in UV-LED lamp x 2 Built-in UV-LED lamp
Printing resolution Max. 1440 dpi
Distance accuracy 2 ±0.3 mm (±11.8 mil) or ±0.3% of the specified distance, whichever is greater ±0.3% of distance travelled or ±0.3 mm (±11.8 mil), whichever is greater
Position reproducibility2 ±0.2 mm (±7.9 mil) or ±0.1% of the specified distance, whichever is greater
Connectivity Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, automatic switching
Power-saving function Automatic sleep feature
Power requirements AC100 to 240 V ± 10%, 2.1 A, 50/60 Hz AC100 to 240 V ± 10%, 1.8 A, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption During operation Approx. 178 W Approx. 149 W
Sleep mode Approx. 18 W Approx. 13 W
Acoustic noise level During operation 60 dB (A) or less
During standby 49 dB (A) or less
Other dimensions 1,560 (W) × 955 (D) × 676 (H) mm (61.4 [W] × 37.6 [D] × 26.6 [H] in.) [When the ink-cartridge tray is attached; 1,866 × 955 × 676 mm (73.5 × 37.6 × 26.6 in.) ] 1560 (W) × 955 (D) × 576 (H) mm (61.4 × 37.6 × 22.7 in.)[ When the ink cartridge tray is attached: 1866 × 955 × 576 mm (73.5 × 37.6 × 22.7 in.) ] 1202 (W) × 962 (D) × 549 (H) mm (47.3 × 37.9 × 21.6 in.)
Weight 166 kg (366 lb.) 144 kg (317.5 lb.) 110 kg (242.5 lb.)
Environment During operation Temperature: 20 to 32°C (68 to 90°F) (22°C (72°F) or higher recommended), Humidity: 35 to 80% RH (no condensation)
Not operating Temperature: 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F), Humidity: 20 to 80% RH (no condensation)
Included items VersaWorks 6 RIP software, power cable, cleaning liquid, drain bottle, manuals, etc.

* 1 Use a spacer table for printing targets with a thickness of 0 to 100 mm (0 to 3.94 in.).

* 2 Temperature for LEF2-300 and LEF2-300D is 23°C (73°F) and for LEF2-200 is 25°C (77°F). Humidity: 50% RH

Specifications, designs and dimensions listed may be subject to change without notice.

VersaWorks 6 System Requirements
Operating system Windows® 10 (32/64 bit), Windows® 8.1 (32/64 bit), Windows® 7 Ultimate / Professional (32/64 bit)
CPU Intel® Core™2 Duo, 2.0 GHz or faster recommended
RAM 2 GB or more recommended
Video card and monitor A resolution of 1280 x 1024 or more recommended
Free hard-disk space (HDD/SSD) 40 GB or more recommended
Hard-disk file system NTFS format
Optical drive DVD-ROM drive
Other Internet connection recommended
Model Description
ECO-UV Ink EUV-CY/EUV4-CY Cyan, 220 cc
EUV-MG/EUV4-MG Magenta, 220 cc
EUV-YE/EUV4-YE Yellow, 220 cc
EUV-BK/EUV4-BK Black, 220 cc
EUV-WH/EUV4-WH White, 220 cc
EUV-GL/EUV4-GL Gloss, 220 cc
EUV4-5CY Cyan, 500 cc
EUV4-5MG Magenta, 500 cc
EUV4-5YE Yellow, 500 cc
EUV4-5BK Black, 500 cc
EUV4-5GL Gloss, 500 cc
EUV-PR*¹ Primer, 220 cc
Cleaning liquid SL-CL 220 cc
Vacuum table*² VT-200 for LEF2-200

*1 Primer ink adhesion may vary depending on substrate and conditions. Testing ink adhesion prior to production is recommended. *2 Vacuum table is standard feature of LEF2-300 and LEF2-300D.

Optional Air Filtration System

An optional air filtration system is available for the LEF2 series. This includes an activated carbon filter which effectively removes the odour and volatile substances that occur during printing. This unit can be placed easily underneath the LEF2 series.

VT-200 Optional Vacuum Table

VT-200 is an optional vacuum table for LEF2-200. The vacuum table is ideal for efficiently and accurately securing thin materials and delicate media such as PVC and PET films, acrylic boards (max 3mm thick), leather and more, for stable printing and high-quality results. LEF2-300 and LEF2-300D feature built-in vacuum table.

Optional Air Filtration System

An optional air filtration system is available for the LEF2-200. This includes an activated carbon filter which effectively removes the odour and volatile substances that occur during printing. This unit can be placed easily underneath the LEF2-200.

VT-200 Optional Vacuum Table

The optional vacuum table is ideal for efficiently and accurately securing thin materials and delicate media such as PVC and PET films, acrylic boards (max 3mm thick), leather and more, for stable printing and high-quality results.

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