VersaSTUDIO BY-20 Desktop Direct-to-film Printer

The all-new VersaSTUDIO BY-20 is the ultimate desktop direct-to-film printer…and much more. Simple to use, reliable and efficient, the BY-20 makes decorating apparel and accessories with vibrant, detailed graphics quick and easy – even for those with no printing experience.

Plus, with the BY-20’s integrated contour-cutting functionality, you can produce heat transfer graphics from PVC sheets – all on a single, affordable compact device.

  • Easy-to-use, compact, affordable DTF printer, ideal whether you’re starting out or looking to expand your product range.
  • Prints vibrant, detailed DTF graphics that can be transferred to a wide variety of fabrics with no weeding needed.
  • The only desktop DTF printer with sheet cut and contour-cutting capabilities, so it can be used for traditional print and cut applications too.
  • Optimised print modes for improved productivity.
  • Integrates with popular DTF powder shaker and heater units for an automated system.

Create Customised Apparel & Accessories with
One Compact, Easy-to-Use Device

The VersaSTUDIO BY-20 is a highly versatile desktop device ideal for a range of direct-to-film apparel applications, such as creating custom t-shirts, sportswear, tote bags, and more. You can also use the BY-20’s integrated contour-cutting capabilities to produce letters, numbers and other heat transfer graphics.
Here are some examples:

Create eye-catching custom T-shirts quickly and easily. With the BY-20 direct-to-film system, you can add complex graphics and text with no weeding or masking required.
With the BY-20 direct-to-film system, enhancing a wide variety of sports apparel with vibrant, detailed graphics is a breeze, even for print novices.
Aprons and More
The BY-20 direct-to-film system makes customizing or personalizing aprons, chef clothing, and other types of kitchen clothing easier than ever.
Tote Bags
Add value and appeal to any tote bag easily and cost effectively. The BY-20 allows even those with little or no direct-to-film graphics experience to customize like a pro.
Home Décor
Decorate pillow covers and other home décor items with stunning graphics that add stylistic touches to any interior setting. With the BY-20 it only requires a few simple steps.
The BY-20 direct-to-film system makes customizing team jerseys with colorful logos and designs a simple process. You can also use the BY-20’s cutting capabilities to create heat transfer numbers.

Direct-to-Film in Four Easy Steps

   The BY-20 direct-to-film workflow is a quick and easy four-step process, with no weeding or masking required. Roland DGA offers the printer, transfer film, powder, and inks (each sold separately) for a complete solution. Plus, the system integrates with popular DTF powder shaker and heater units for an automated system.

Step 1

Print to film with the BY-20 and S-PG inks, on S-F164 transfer film.

Step 2

Apply shaking powder over the ink using S-POWDER.

Step 3

Melt powder under heat press at recommended time and temperature.

Step 4

Heat press design to your fabric and remove the film backing.

Improves the Design and Efficiency of Apparel Decoration

With its user-friendly operation, fast print speeds, and intuitive software, the BY-20 direct-to-film system makes designing and creating customized apparel easier than ever. You can also transfer your BY-20-produced graphics to a wide variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, denim, nylon, rayon, and more.

Easy to Use, Even for Beginners

The BY-20 is so easy to use, even beginners can produce professional-quality output. After pressing the power button, all other operations – from printer setup and maintenance to sheet cutting – can be performed with the intuitive utility software. There’s even a support function that guides you through the various menu operations in an easy-to-understand manner.

Professional Quality

The BY-20 consistently delivers quality results that professionals can rely on. That’s because it features the same advanced print technologies as Roland DG’s state-of-the-art wide-format printers. You can expect rich, colorful, high-definition output, print after print. Plus, the included design and output software provides all the features and tools you need to create stunning graphic quickly and easily.

Efficient Production

Featuring print speeds twice as fast as previous models, the BY-20 offers an ideal workflow for DTF. You’ll be able to turn around jobs cost effectively and in a timely manner. A host of convenient user features, including front-loading media and ink systems, simplify workflow for maximum efficiency. Plus, the BY-20’s easy integration with popular DTF powder shaker and heater units allows for an automated system.

A Direct-to-Film Printer Tailor Made for You and Your Business

Starter Price
The BY-20 is a professional-level printer that’s priced to suit the budgets of those just getting started. It comes complete with design and output software, so you can get started printing right out of the box.
Compact Size
Small enough to fit on your desktop – the BY-20 is ideal for your home office or shop. In addition, media setup, ink loading and maintenance can be performed from the front of the printer, further reducing space requirements.
Reliable, Durable, and Easy to Maintain
Reliability comes standard with the BY-20, so you can count on smooth, consistent performance. Easy-to-follow instructions and intuitive engineering make periodic maintenance and consumable replacement a breeze.

Included FlexiDESIGNER VersaSTUDIO Edition Software

The BY-20’s included FlexiDESIGNER VersaSTUDIO Edition design and output software allows even those with little or no printing experience to consistently produce high-quality graphics. This feature-filled, intuitive software offers a host of tools for creating shapes, text, and effects, while also simplifying the print and cut workflow.

Included VersaWorks 6 Output Software

For users looking for even greater control over output settings and capabilities, every BY-20 printer comes with powerful, simple-to-use VersaWorks 6 output software. VersaWorks 6 includes useful features that optimize quality and streamline processes for the printer, ink, and media. It also simplifies the setup of print layouts, generates cut lines for print and cut applications, and provides built-in color management tools that make reproducing specific colors quick and easy.

BLI 2024 Pick Award from Keypoint Intelligence

VersaSTUDIO BY-20 has received a Buyers Lab (BLI) 2024 Pick Award from Keypoint Intelligence for Outstanding Desktop DTF Printer. It is the first desktop DTF (Direct-to-Film) printer to earn the esteemed award in this, Keypoint Intelligence’s inaugural DTF awards cycle.

Keypoint Intelligence is the world’s leading independent provider of testing and analysis for the document imaging industry and has been evaluating equipment for business users for more than 60 years. Test reports released are highly regarded as an unbiased resource used by many companies and public organizations when selecting hardware devices.

Additional Features

Simple Media Setup
Automated media setup prepares the printer for a variety of materials, assists media loading and helps minimise waste
Safe, Sustainable Production
BY-20 inks and powders are Oeko-Tex® ECO PASSPORT certified, guaranteeing the safety of textile products produced.
Utility Software
Provides intuitive and quick operation, including printer setup, maintenance and sheet cutting.
Integrates with Popular Shaker and Heater Units
The BY-20 can be easily integrated with popular shaker and heater units, for an automated DTF system.
Multi-Color LED Lights
View printer status from a distance thanks to LED lights indicating “operating,” “temporarily on standby,” or “in error.”
Ethernet Compatibility
Print data can be sent and maintenance instructions can be given, even from remote locations within the same network.

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Featuring a selection of compact, easy-to-use and affordable solutions, the VersaSTUDIO range brings professional Roland DG quality to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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