Sublimation prints

Stunning fabrics and goods with custom designs

Sublimated textiles are popular for soft signage and interior decoration since they preserve the fabric’s natural drape and texture. Sublimation printing is also used for personalizing hard goods from snowboards and skateboards to aluminium displays and traffic signs.

A vast range of applications

Applications of sublimation printing are diverse and used in various markets. Examples of popular soft signage applications are banners, flags and sportswear. Customized interior decoration items are also in demand. Just think about custom-made curtains, table-cloths and lamp shades. Also the fashion industry and photographers are keen on sublimated textiles.

As you can see, the sublimation technique has large market potential and good perspectives. With Roland DG’s sublimation printers it is easier than ever to produce outstanding results, even without special training.

High-quality sublimation printers

Turn to Roland DG and its partners for the complete sublimation package. We have the machines, inks and media, as well the software in our range. What’s more, we gladly help you make the right choice, since sublimation printing is a matter of finding the right combination.

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