Sports wear

Customizing apparel for a world that demands the best

The world of sports is highly influenced by the need to satisfy sponsors and partners. It is a lucrative industry, but since sponsors provide a premium contribution and athletes generally have high expectations, the clothing in this industry must live up to the highest standards. With a sublimation printer from Roland you can deliver custom sports wear in short runs that will satisfy both athletes and sponsors.

The digital solution for a profitable business

The Roland Hi-Fi express FP-740 is the ideal choice for a digital sublimation printer that provides a competitive edge. It is a great alternative to traditional screen printing as it is faster and easier to set up. What’ more: you can make money with this machine, even the smallest orders are profitable. Moreover, you can give your customers unlimited design possibilities without having to charge extra for full colour productions. In a highly competitive market, being able to provide that extra service can make a world of difference.

Creating custom sports wear and accessories with heat transfers

As an alternative or a supplement to your sublimation printer, Roland offers a wide range of printer/cutters that print and cut heat transfers for personalizing jerseys, caps, bags, sweatshirts and all the other sports accessories and apparel.

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