Customizing apparel and accessories with rhinestones and heat transfers

People like to give a personal touch to their interior, car, china service etc. Clothes and accessories are however for many of us the most important means to express our personality or to do something special for a unique event. T-shirts with a self-made drawing, jackets with the picture of a Hollywood star or a pair of jeans with a name in rhinestones; it’s all possible with R-Wear.

R-Wear increases the value of must-haves

R-Wear is a combination of Roland software and machines that allows you to personalize accessories and apparel in a quick and cheap manner. Since clients are often prepared to pay a supplement for that personal touch, R-Wear will help your business bloom.

User-friendly R-Wear Studio software

With R-wear Studio software, you make designs that you can apply to a garment or accessory. These designs can be made up of texts, pictures, drawings and rhinestones. An important aspect of R-wear is the engraving of a template for the rhinestones. Good to know is that you don’t need experience in order to be able to make professional templates. You only need to make a design for the stones in the software and send the data to the engraving machine. The rest is piece of cake.

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