Print and cut with a single unit

Save time, money and effort with a combined printer/cutter

Printing and cutting with a single unit offers you a high degree of flexibility. Just think how easy it will be to start a job in the evening and have it be fully printed and cut in the morning when you come in. But that is not all! This unique 2-in-1 solution means that it is no longer necessary to reposition your prints in a separate cutter. After they have been printed, your stickers, labels and heat transfers are cut immediately. That saves you a lot of time and prevents errors. An integrated printer/cutter is also a budget-friendly solution. You only have to buy, install, maintain and operate one machine.
Pioneer and market leader

Roland DG was a pioneer in the development of large-format printers with a cutting function and we are still market leader in the outdoor printing segment today thanks to our continuous stream of innovations. We have already sold more than 130,000* inkjet printers, making us the world number 1.
Wide selection

At Roland DG, you can choose from a wide range of high-quality and reliable printers with cutting function. The differences are primarily in the material width, colour configurations, production speeds and types of ink. You can choose the unit that meets your wishes and needs best.

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