Roland DG’s stated policy is to “keep environmentally friendly manufacturing in mind,” and “continuously strive to develop and design environmentally friendly products.” The latest step the company has taken in accordance with this policy is reducing the amount of resin waste by converting part of the resin cassette of the ink cartridge into a paper cartridge.


Below are some frequently asked questions about the new paper cartridges:

Do I need to do anything differently with the paper cartridges?
No. Just open the plastic bag and insert the cartridge into the printer as is. Do NOT open the paper cartridge.
Can I use a mix of plastic and paper cartridges?
Yes. Both can be used in a mixed manner. The ink inside is the same.
If I change to a paper cartridge, will it be as stable as a conventional ink cartridge?
Yes. The pouch inside does not change, so it can be used without problems in the same way as a conventional ink cartridge.
Isn't the paper cartridge less durable than the plastic cartridge?
No. Multiple tests were performed to confirm that there are no problems with durability.
How much plastic/resin can be reduced by using paper cartridges instead of conventional plastic cartridges?
By changing the cartridge to paper, we will see a reduction of 82.8% in the 500 ml cartridges and 68.3% in the 220 ml cartridges.

For those interested, here is a “look” inside the new cartridge. Remember, please DO NOT open it – just insert into the printer and get back to work!


Any questions?