Printing frescos instead of painting them

With the Roland wall print transfer material, you can create beautiful murals in a fast and easy manner, without having to use paint. Instead of paint, you use prints to decorate a wall. The prints are made on special transfer material. When you press this against a wall – which is covered with primer – the image transfers onto that wall. The result is a breathtaking print that has the look and feel of a real fresco.

Field of application

The wall print transfer material (RMC-WP-25-610/1220) is the result of many years of development. Prints that are made on this material with Eco Solvent ink can easily be transferred onto a wall without the use of heat or extreme pressure. The material can also be used to decorate other absorbing surfaces like stone and wooden floors and furniture.

When you own a Roland printer using ECO-SOL MAX ink, you can start producing immediately.

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