DE-3 Desktop Engraver

The DE-3 desktop engraver is the result of over 30 years of innovation in engraving technology, delivering impressive versatility and fast, user-friendly automated production.
With laser-pointing technology, ethernet connectivity, automatic depth regulation and other intelligent features, the DE-3 is the ideal turnkey engraving solution for producing precise text and graphics onto a huge range of materials and objects

Discover A World of Engraving Applications 

Whether you are a sign-maker, equipment manufacturer or awards and gift supplier, the DE-3 desktop engraver is ideally suited to engrave an impressive variety of giftware, signage, trophies, tools and industrial products. The DE-3’s integrated safety cover and user-friendly operation also make it ideal for use within retail environments.

Hand-Held Control

Without the need for a computer, you can quickly select machine options such as spindle speed and one-touch machine cleaning. Engraving job data can be sent from your computer and stored in the controller after the PC is disconnected

New Software and Open Architecture

The DE-3 is open source technology that works out-of-the-box with all popular engraving software, industry standard tools, and materials. Also included with the DE-3 is Dr. Engrave Plus software that offers new user advantages.

  • Now supports AI files and standard graphic/vector data
  • Newly added levelling and drilling functions enable standard text engraving as well as surface levelling and hole drilling
  • Retains handy template functions and Excel and CSV databases for fast engraving of serial data jobs

Additional Features

A compact desktop device which performs like a production class engraver.
Additional centre vice available to securely hold irregular objects such as hip flasks, compact mirrors, spectacle frames and more.
Small footprint device with generous 305 mm (X) x 230 mm (Y) x 40 mm (Z) work area, to fit comfortably into office, classroom, workshop and retail environments.
Clean and safe engraving solution with a fully-enclosed engraving operation

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