• Versatile hybrid printer

    The VersaUV LEJ-640 is a UV printer that prints on plate material as well as on rolls with a maximum width of 162.5cm. The maximum media thickness is 1.3cm. The integrated LED lamps dry the ink. Printing on heat-sensitive materials is possible since no heat is released. The LEJ-640 is generally supplied with a table that can be dismantled easily.

  • Creating special effects

    The VersaUV prints your designs in CMYK and white and finishes with multiple layers of clear ink. This produces rich special effects. Printing in Braille is also possible. You can use the white ink on transparent and shrink film for packaging prototypes. The clear ink produces wonderful effects on luxurious posters and prints, for example. The prints also dry instantly so that you can process them immediately.

  • Three ink configurations

    Roland DG allows you to choose the ink configuration that best suits your business. The standard CMYK+White+Clear ink configuration can be used for the largest range of applications. The CMYK+White+White configuration is ideal for opaque white printing on transparent film. The (CMYK+Gloss+Gloss) configuration is ideal for doming or embossed effects. In the last mentioned ink combination, you can apply the clear ink faster than in the standard configuration.

  • ECO-UV ink

    The ECO-UV ink ensures high density printing in a wide range of colours. The ink dries instantly and its flexibility prevents it from breaking up when the material is bent or stretched. ECO-UV is available in CMYK+White+Gloss in 220 ml cartridges. Roland DG recommends the use of extractors with these inks.

  • Low maintenance

    The VersaUV is extremely maintenance friendly. The automatic white ink circulation system prevents the descent of pigments and ensures continuous printing. An automatic cleaning is also possible.

  • The VersaUV family

    The LEJ-640 is a member of to the VersaUV family. It operates on the basis of LED-UV technology, and the integrated LED lamps dry the UV ink. The VersaUV LEJ-640 is the perfect device to print on thicker plates (up to 1.3cm) and on rolls. Want a device that also cuts out your prints? Go for the VersaUV LEC Series.

  • Roland VersaWorks

    These devices are supplied with VersaWorks, a powerful and user-friendly RIP software specially designed for Roland inkjet technology. The software allows you to use your device optimally. VersaWorks updates can also be downloaded free of cost.

Technical Specifications


*1 The media holder of this machine is exclusively for media with paper tube (core inner diameter 3 inches). To use a 2 inch media core, please use the optional available media flanges. 
*2 The length of printing is subject to the limitations of the program.     
*3 Ink configuration must be selected upon purchase.                  
*4 Using Roland specified media, loaded correctly without using the table unit, trint travel of 1m,  temperature: 25°C, humidity: 50 % RH, all pinch rollers are positioned correctly on top of the media, excluding expansion or contraction of the media, and all correction and adjustment functions of this machine have been made properly.





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