August 13, 2015

egx600 (1)



  • Professional engraving machines

    The EGX-600 and EGX-400 are engraving machines of considerable size, power and speed that meet the wishes and needs of professional users. You can use the devices to make personalised signs, promotional materials and nameplates The machines can process various materials such as wood and synthetic materials including plastic and acrylic. They can also engrave on light metals.

  • High speed engraving

    The “High Speed ​​Engraving” technology (HSE) uses servo motors and the “Feed Forward Processing” technique (FFP). The servo motors engrave quickly and accurately, while the FFP technology calculates the milling paths in advance. This is not only more accurate, but also more energy efficient. The spindle can therefore be moved with a speed of up to 100mm/seconds.

  • Various material types

    The EGX-600 and EGX-400 are suitable for machining the widest variety of materials. The spindle speed is between 8000 and 30,000 rotations/min and is suited for engraving the following materials: wood, plastic, acrylic and light metals such as aluminium and brass.



  • Suitable for large jobs

    The EGX-600 and EGX-400 are perfect for engraving small objects as well as large signs. The devices have a large work area: 610x407mm for the EGX-600 and 407x305mm for the EGX-400.

  • Remote control

    The separate control panel enables safe, remote operation of the device. The spindle speed and various menu options can be set remotely.

  • Engraving with or without a computer

    The EGX PRO devices can even operate without a computer. Simply save the files on a multimedia card, insert it into the EGX, and you are ready to start. The machines can also “learn”. In particular, you can program new instructions. Here again, no PC is required for such applications. The new commands can be stored internally or on the multimedia card.

  • Supplied with software

    The devices are supplied with user-friendly software. You can produce professional results in no time, even if you have no engraving experience.

Technical specifications

Max. cutting area 16″(X) x 12″ (Y) x 1.57″ (Z)
(407 mm (X) x 305 mm (Y) x 42.5 mm (Z))
24″ (X) x 16″ (Y) x 1.57″ (Z)
( 610 mm (X) x 407 mm (Y) x 42.5 mm (Z))
Acceptable material thickness 1.575″ (40 mm)
XYZ motor AC servo motor (DAC-FFP)
Feed rate XY-axis : 0.5 mm/sec. , 1~100 mm/sec.
Z-axis : 0.5 mm/sec., 1~50 mm/sec.
Acceleration 0.1 G , 0.05 G
Software Resolution .00039″/step (0.01 mm/step)
Mechanical Resolution XY-axis : .0001″/step (0.003 mm/step) Z-axis : .00009″/step (0.0025 mm/step)
Spindle motor DC brushless motor Max. 72 W
Revolution Speed 8,000 -30,000 rpm
Tool chuck Cutter holder or Collet system
Positioning accuracy ± 0.1 % of distance traveled, or ± .0039″ (0.1 mm), whichever is greater (Under no-load conditions)
Repeat accuracy .0020″ (0.05 mm)
Display Liquid crystal display unit (with back light)
Control Keys MENU , ENTER / PAUSE , SPINDLE , XYZ ORIGIN SET created_date = NOW(), created_by = 1, , XYZ Cursor , FAST FEED , COPY , Dial
Interface Parallel (in compliance with the specification of Centoronics)
Serial (under RS-232C standard) , External connector 1 , External connector 2
Buffer size 2 MB
Power Supply 100 , 117 , 230 , 240 V ± 10%
Power consumption 350 VA
Dimensions 31″ (W) x 28″ (D) x 20.5″ (H)
(795 mm (W) x 719 mm (D) x 521 mm (H))
39″ (W) x 32″ (D) x 20.5″ (H)
(995 mm (W) x 820 mm (D) x 521 mm (H))
Weight 112 lb (51 kg) 141 lb (64 kg)
Operation Environment Temp: 41° – 104° F (5° – 40° C)
Humidity: 35 to 80% (no condensation)
Accessories Control panel , Control panel cable , Power code , Nose unit ,
Solid collet (φ4.36 mm) , Clamp , Spanner (17 mm , 10 mm),
Hexagonal screw driver , Hexagonal wrench ,
Roland Software Package CD-ROM , User’s manual



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