• Award-winning eco-solvent ink

    ECO-SOL MAX2 was awarded an EDP Award for Best New Generation Solvent Ink Technology. It is the second generation of Roland DG’s award-winning eco-solvent ink. The ink scores very highly on all relevant counts: the outdoor durability, scratch resistance, chemical resistance and colour range. In addition, the ink is compatible with the widest range of print media in the market and is totally nickel free.

  • Stunning quality

    ECO-SOL MAX2 has a wide colour range, it is extremely stable and it dries quickly. The density of this ink is very good, which means that ink consumption is limited. The ink is colourfast for three years* without a laminate when used outdoors. Gradients and the finest of details are printed beautifully, even at high speeds. And what’s more, with this ink, you can print a wide range of coated and uncoated materials.

    * The life span for outdoor use is based on accelerated weather testing. Results may vary depending on the location and the application. Lamination is necessary for some applications and weather conditions.

  • Light black makes the difference

    ECO-SOL MAX2 is available in the colour light black. This colour ensures uniform grey scale gradations. This also improves the stability of skin tones and other natural tints. Thus, all the details of an image are beautifully reflected in all your posters, backlit displays, car stickers and more.

  • Incredibly easy to use

    ECO-SOL MAX2 is a mild solvent ink that is virtually odourless. It can be used in an office or workplace environment if it is well ventilated. And the ink is supplied in handy 440ml cartridges that you simply place in the printer (white and metallic ink come in 220ml cartridges). The built-in chip ensures that you receive a notification when the cartridge is almost empty.

  • Even better white and metallic silver

    With metallic silver, you can create more than 500 metallic colours. The new generation of metallic ink contains more reflective pigments, giving you more shiny colours. The composition of the white ink was also changed. The opacity is significantly higher, which greatly improves the brightness of the text and images.

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