August 20, 2015

DWX-4W 4


New DWX-4W wet grinding unit coming soon


Maximum convenience 

The DWX-4W combines simultaneous 4-axis milling with a simple one-button operation. A colour-coded LED light signals machine status and alerts the operator of any errors or malfunction, which helps save time and materials and enables lab technicians to carry out the milling process with confidence. In addition, the DWX-4W features an automatic tool changer that changes grinding burrs as needed automatically without interrupting the production process.

Multi-clamp for optimized production

With its multi-pin clamp, the DWX-4W can mill up to three different pin-type materials continuously in one operation. As a result, prosthetics for up to three different patients can be produced in a single production run, saving time, labour and costs.

Virtual Machine Panel

Unlike traditional CNC mills, Roland DG has replaced the complex controls with a user-friendly Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) that operates machine diagnostics and the calibration and milling processes from your computer desktop. The VPanel also tracks tool, spindle time and milling progress, and provides a reminder when daily collet maintenance is needed, and tracks overall machine time for maintenance purposes.

Growth Potential

Highly scalable, the DWX-4W offers multicast capability that allows connection of up to four Roland DG machines to one computer, making it easier than ever for dental labs to expand their businesses and increase their production capacity. The DWX-4W wet mill lets labs control the entire process in-house with a single software seat, maximizing your investment and resources.



Reliable performance

The ball screw-driven 4-axis control allows for smooth, high-precision machining. In addition to milling on X, Y and Z axes, the DWX-4W rotates pin-type blocks 360 degrees on a fourth axis (A axis) to support undercuts. The DWX-4W’s high-performance 60,000 RPM Jaeger spindle supports precision milling of glass ceramic and composite resin. The DWX-4W wet mill is equipped to mill pin-type blocks, including glass ceramic or lithium disilicate materials and composite resin or hybrid ceramic materials – acclaimed in the industry for their superior strength and aesthetics. Moreover, these materials can be finished in a short time.

Wide variety of material


User friendly operation

The DWX-4W is designed so that even novice users can quickly set up and easily begin creating precision prosthetics. The workflow is simple: after installing the material and milling tools into the machine, you use the Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) to configure settings from your computer, then automatically send CAM data to the DWX-4W to begin production. You receive e-mail notifications detailing any errors or informing you when milling is completed. A colour-coded LED light signals machine status and informs you of current progress.

Economical open architecture

Open architecture allows the DWX-4W to work with the latest materials and CAD/CAM software. If you already have a production solution, the DWX-4W works seamlessly with your existing scanner and compatible CAD/CAM software while eliminating the need to rely on a single source for materials. Compatible with RML-1 and NC code, the DWX-4W interfaces with your computer through a USB connector.

Coolant compartment and water filtration

The DWX-4W is equipped with a fully integrated pump and coolant system. The coolant container slides in and out, making it exceptionally easy to replace the coolant on a regular basis. It also features an integrated water collection filtration system for maintaining a clean and efficient workspace.


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